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Dolatgar Tea stablished to promote our online sales and marketing of our products. We have more than 50 years of experience among us in processing, blending and trading varieties of tea all over the globe.
Importing our own tea directly to the UK from our trade partners in Middle and Far East allow us to offer our quality products to consumers and other tea companies in a very competitive price.

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We supply single origin quality loose leaf teas as well as blended products. We select premium and top qualities tea leaves in our blended products.
As a part of our commitments we only produce Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags in our premises. Unlike paper tea bags which contain only dust tea, we use the same quality leaf tea in producing our pyramid tea bags as we supply as loose leaf tea. We produce our pyramid tea bags in our site to monitor quality of tea bags production closely. Biodegradable Pyramid tea bags offer tea lovers enjoy full flavours and taste of proper brewed tea with the convenience of using tea bags. That is why the consumption of Biodegradable Tea Bags increase on the daily basis and its markets growing much faster that its initially thought.

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